Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Weather?

If anyone in Chicagoland is complaining about the weather, Lord knows I am, realize that you could be in North Dakota where it is currently -44º F , the coldest it's been there in fifty years (and to to make it worse... it's also still North Dakota in North Dakota!).

If anyone in North Dakota is complaining about the weather... realize that you could be in Perth, WA, Australia, where temperatures are a rather uncomfortable 96º F.

I also like to look at our temperature under a lens of relativity. Because everything is relative -think- 'Hey, we're enjoying toasty 252° Kelvin!'

Now, if this type or reasoning doesn't work, just humo(u)r yourself in picturing my dilemma this last weekend: I went to try to start my car on Saturday evening, when I realized it wouldn't budge from its spot. Apparently, the snow from the above tree had melted and frozen around my car's tires creating a 6 cubic foot block of ice under my car (3'x4'x6"). The lack of friction on my tires made my wheels spin, my frustration grow and my evening's plans crumble. To get my car out of the spot finally required the help of my business school friend, Bocheng, a random Canadian man off the street, two shovels, a hammer, a baseball bat, a flathead screw driver and ninety minutes of hard labor.

Well, at least I'm not in North Dakota.