Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog:

This entry really isn't a law blog. I just chose to adopt a catchy title to lure in potential victims readers.

I did not post a single entry in the month of November. I feel that I have let all two of my readers down. Example of this failure:

My Chinese friend, Bocheng, having just arrived from the Fuijan Provence of China, was uncorrupted by American influence, and therefore a perfect opportunity for me to exploit. He came to the United States without a single bookmarked page on his brand new laptop computer's internet browser. I honed in upon his blank digital canvass and strategically deceived him into placing a link to my blog in his bookmarks toolbar. I was excited to see that someone, anyone, had saved a link to my blog. Now, a month later, the bookmark is gone. Perchance Bocheng has found new information to keep accessibly located at the top of his screen and ran out of room, or perchance Bocheng realized that I'm a joke (no matter how many times I tried to convince him that my normalcy was lost in the translation).

So, now, here I am committing to myself, (and not as any form of seductive enticement to potential readers), that I will write more consistently and more often.

Bocheng, bookmark me again.


Anonymous said...

I am a reader of your blog. I like it very much. You seem very funny and smart.

Wolffystyle said...

Thanks Mom.

Anonymous said...

Not mom. Why think that? How are things at UC? I know you work at UC.