Friday, August 15, 2008

Uh...CTA bus story

I am forced to take public transportation in my morning commute. It's never a pleasant journey. Today a Canadian lady next to me on the bus was eating a breakfast sandwich. While the CTA rules clearly state that eating on the bus is prohibited, I didn't say anything. I didn't really mind at all until she dropped a piece of greasy egg on my thigh. I looked at her, and she kept eating and didn't say a word. I continued to stare as she continued to eat. No. Nothing. I uncomfortably bent over, picked up her egg and handed it to her; "I believe you dropped this." I said.

I swear that she replied; "Oh. That ain't mine." I gave a confused smile and asked, "Are you sure?"

She reached out and quite literally swiped it from my hand and, I SHIT YOU NOT, put it back in her sandwich. I am still in awe at what happened, I wanted to share it with the interweb.

Oh...and when I left the bus, I looked at her and said; "You're right...that wasn't yours. Got you good." The bus drove off.


Anonymous said...

TBA is a serious disease.

Jeff said...

this was the post i was waiting for back in october 2005.