Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ecuadorians found to be the world's best at doing Ecuadorian things.

Recent reports out of Quito, capital of a tiny South American country notable for being located on the equator, have concluded that, as a whole, Ecuadorian people are, generally, very talented at doing most things considered to be innately Ecuadorian. Reports show that while no one particular Ecuadorian is the best at doing any one single Ecuadorian thing, the country as a whole is generally the best at things like singing the Ecuadorian national anthem. "Among other things that Ecuadorian people are a little better at doing than anyone else in the world are making traditional Ecuadorian food, driving on Ecuadorian roads, and sleeping with Ecuadorian women, although they're losing ground on that last one to the Italians" Clemson Cultural Anthropologist and amateur photographer Stephen R. Peckham stated. He continued, however, by saying that, "they're not too good at much else, like moving their economy, playing soccer or at paying attention to the "Por favor, no molesten" sign on my hotel room door."