Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm spent like a ... [insert witty simile here]

Sitting in bed, exhausted from a tiring week, I spoke aloud to myself; "Well, I'm spent like a nickel at at a candy store." I don't know where this simile came from, I was perplexed. Did I just make that up?' I asked myself. So I got up and explored google. The following is a list of similes that I found regarding how spent someone is:

I'm spent. Like a coupon at a discount grocery store. On triple coupon days.

Without the vibe, I'm spent, like a light paycheck; like a rent past due…I’m just not there!

I'm spent like a roll of quarters at a laundromat where the machines are all really large magnets that suck the change out of your pockets

I’m spent, like a worn single taka bill- limp, deteriorating and torn from age.

I'm spent like a dollar in a dollar store.

I'm spent. Like a fiver thrust into a stripper's G-String.

I'm spent like a deflated balloon

I'm spent like a dollar at the fair.

I'm spent like a dirty dollar bill.

I'm spent like a Lincoln cent. (Hey, it rhymes!)

I'm spent like a SSI check on bingo night!

And I'm spent like a dollar. alright, good effort.

I'm spent like a used condom. (click link to read graphic description.)

I'm spent like a two dollar bill when I step out of my car onto the wet grass. (I don't know if the latter half about the grass is part of the simile, but I can imagine that stepping on to wet grass induces thoughts of spending all available two dollar bills.)

i'm spent like a dime right about now trying to get the last pan of chili heated for the hot dogs for the evening students (again, I'm not sure that the pan of chili bit is intended to be part of the simile, but I'd bet that a dime who is frantically preparing the chili dogs would be pretty spent!)

I'm spent like a heroine in a cheap romance novel

i'm spent like a mofo after a long night

I'm spent like a silver dollar, HOLLERRR!!

I'm spent like a coupon at a discount grocery store.

I'm spent like a 2 dollar whore

I'm spent like a 2 dollar bill in a titty bar

I particularly am interested in this poem, entitled "I'm Spent" by April L. Mahoney who writes;

I'm spent
"Like my favorite wool jacket rolled up into lint
Like a spouse acting like a pimp
Like that clown that can't take a hint
Butane lighter with no flint"